Why do men want to be worms in Latex Porn?

Why do men always want to be worms in latex porn? she asked me

‘Oh dear, this is going to be potentially a long philosophical answer’ I thought. And trying to explain this to someone who didn’t have a clue, might also be embarrassing for me.

One guy came to me, had a fetish into nylons. He wasn’t into worms, or cross dressing, just tights – but there is a very similar parallel I am going to describe to you. I turned him into a silk worm. I wrapped him up in layers of nylons, encased in the socks until he looked quite plastic from the moiré effect of the sheer layers, and he was unable to do anything but wriggle like a worm.

For the same reason many people like bondage, and restriction, check out youtube for all the people applying self bondage to themselves, and worming around on the floor. Google sleeping bag bondage and you’ll see girls wrapping themselves up in homemade bondage bags, and squirming around in what appears to be a giant ribbed worm of a sleeping bag.

‘Imagine if that was all in  latex’ I said to one guy, who nearly creamed himself. It would be all slimey on the inside, like being inside a woman. Either a giant woman, or an embryotic fantasy. A worm and its lack of ability for thought, engaging in a sensory deprived fantasy is the simplest rationale of fantasies with an objective. Women have those same feelings, only we might say we want to worm around in the bath tub as a mermaid, or enjoy being tied up, or enjoy a vacuum bed session like you see in latex porn. Women want to be valued so we are less likely to undermine ourselves to the position of a worm. We may also go for objectification or humiliation, but its more about the manner that it is done, rather than the role in which we play.

When a man wants to be a worm, he may not be implying he wants the humiliation, he may simply want to absolve himself of being responsible. He could go into his mind without thought, and in bondage, restriction and deprivation, simply enjoy the focus that the moment will give him without the wider complication and thoughts in the world. It is for this same reason many people experience fetish in so many different ways to introvert into their fantasies and escape for a time away from reality.

Where to take your Rubber Doll

The fetish scene can never be properly measured. What about all those people at home who enjoy their fetishes and secret latex porn over the internet, but never, ever brave ‘coming out’ with it all? In fact, is there a need to even try ‘coming out’. You could possibly never post on a forum, never stick your neck out to critisicm, abuse, abhorrance, ignorant questioning, infact.. anything demeaning to your little niche of pleasure. Especially since some fetishes CAN be enjoyed alone, some fetishes make you feel very solitary.

My point is this, not all of us can be tallied up, and there isn’t really a need – except in those longing to share or find a partner to share their unusual fantasy and stop feeling alone.. How then would you proceed after being inspired by many a rubber fantasy presented in latex porn? Many of us go on the internet, it is the easiest mask of all to wear. But I went to an event which inspired me.

ICONOGRAPHY OF MASK hoodlovers ball
hoodlovers ball

I drove – hooded to the mask ball. Rubber doll was with me tapping the dashboard and pointing me directions. Only to arrive and find other rubber dolls! Affirmation of a growth in this kind of fetish in Latex porn. This was the most bizarre fetish friendly event I had been to. Not strictly speaking a fetish event in itself, no playing or spanking or any such thing like that going on – just a gathering of masked party people. But there is a difference, there was an embrace of mixed fantasies in acceptance of everything from sinister, to cute, to just plain fun. Fetish blended into it just as discretely as fetish is a private thing. People were fun and open to approach, their masks gave everyone a fun characatuer edge they were representing. It was like being in a box of chocolates. They projected confident personalities behind their masks, and far from intimidating, was actually a really embracing experience. I think Rubberdoll felt very much at home, and was able to chime into the atmosphere with everyone being behind their masks, she was not alone. It was a great feeling.

Now I had suddenly broadened my understanding of mask play, and there was almost a sigh of relief from rubberdoll and I, that we were obviously not alone, there were real people out there – locally, who really understood and sympathised where we were coming from. Everyone else, whatever character they were playng, was appreciated in their little fantasy carved out for themselves, the cartoon of what they were.

I can only thank the organisers of this do, how ingenious it was to bring these facets of different pleasures together. It allowed blending across the various ‘geek’ niches from every different background. Catwomen, alongside superheroes, wrestlers, hooded gimps hangmen and henchmen, masked mistresses, and rubberdolls… Normally I am so used to seeing Fetishists conform to their hidden groves. And amongst them rubberdolls are sadly more domeciled than show off creatures, they don’t seem to take to the open fetish world so easily. They drone about with their business to serve and trapped in their masks find it hard to interact with demands of fetish play events. But in this event, they were there to present the charactuers of the domiciled friendly maids who are happier to serve in public than be dosed humiliation and toy abuse reserved for their private play with latex porn. It was refreshing to see them appearing more at home here and in place with the party, than edging along the road of caution, worried mistress might leave their side.

I am so impressed by the mix of crowd from new arty people into the scene, to gasmasked breathplayers, maskers and mysterious hoods, that I have taken a lead from this event, and decided to have a masked mascot ball of my own for my birthday…

Onna's Birthday Bash

I'm like the borg queen, I want minions in rubber

I used to perv at the young men on the beach in their wetsuits. Now I have youtube and it’s diversity of frogmen all domesticised making cups of tea and still wearing their breathing apparatus. Laughs out loud at my own version of Latexporn. I think I’m terrible for managing to cream off wank material off youtube. As a fetishist though, things can be innately non-sexual for me to really find them attractive.  Somehow I managed to gather my own collection of gimps. I think I pulled them mostly off myspace, … and what to do with them? Well, we made a short mainstream film for a start? It was great. It made it into New York’s Cinekink filmfestival, and got me onto IMDB. Not my idea of Latex porn by any means, but a good laugh to bridge a gap between fetishists and mainstream. (wait ’till I make my own version of Latexporn, that’s me slap in the middle by the way)

Valley of the Dommes

If you’re gay, it must be hard enough finding someone. If you’re a fetishist I realise that hidden sexuality is even less likely to match, let alone dealing with the personality match. So what else is there to do than find all the latexporn I can? Oh and cut the bullcrap of matching personalities and conversational qualities, just give me a gimp! I realise that I do not represent the needs or interest maybe of the average woman. But let me explain my main reason for my ‘love’ of gimps .. among still many more things. Here is one of them:

There is a very good use for gimps. Women change and evolve, even though men want us to stay the same. We go through phases, like our bodies live on a different clock. We change our looks all the time to keep our mystery, our seductiveness, and finally that keeps us attractive.
Our opinions may change over time too, we are a fickle lot. Seeing as our bodies go through growing changing phases of youth and woman hood, and even put us through an emotional monthly cycle; We – are entitled, no matter how confusing it is to the genetically inferioir and less complete race of men.. to rewrite our wants and needs. Our sexuality is based more in the mind, we are more creative or need creativity around us, but sadly bore easily. Yes, us women, are the guilty parties for moving on. A man has to find new ways to fulfil us or be left behind.
Men (to me anyway) are just dicks. The sooner you realise this, the less dissatisfaction you will have later on.
You might find a useful dick to fit your phase of life for a while, but owing to a woman’s changing nature, we’ll get bored of them, we’ve sampled their genepool of missing chromasomes, and when they start talking too much about themselves, pull the fucking gag out ladies. He forgot he was just a sex object. Talking about ourselves, is a woman thing, men are just supposed to listen and be support your changing gameplan. If a man starts talking about himself too much, I would have to be a lesbian to love him, but I cant cos he has a dick.
Don’t get me wrong, I like men. All kinds of men. But they are just for my toybox. Pull one out when I need one, ideally a rubber one. Gimps don’t talk and bore me with their idiosyncracies. I can adore their muscular beauty like a man wanks over his shiny new car. A Lithe slim gimp is also a seductive object to me, in homage to an effeminate forme. Gimps are attractive, even if they are effeminate, because they are distilled version of manhood. Without wobbly fleshy disgusting bits, safe to use, aesthetically pleasing, sterile… There is nothing less manly about them to be attracted to, if anything, for me, only the best properties on show. He is, I might say, as objectified as a dildo.
Rather like romans selling their slaves, I think there should be a gimp trade. If as a woman I need someone to masculinely rough me about – I would still want it to be a matter of fact gimp. Like some hooded henchman hangman, gimps are not there to be weak and pathetic for me. They can be braun, without the self opinionated rambling I don’t want to hear.

Keep one in the wardrobe for later. Guys? I will just point out it’s often easier to act, and for the lady to accept a whole new gameplay if you are zentaid up. Surreal satisfaction both sides. A degree of seperation from reality can keep the fantasy, and relationship alive. I just happen to live in a fantasy world.

Erotic Zentai

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Watch This Video!

Jack and Lulu continue their erotic spandex clad escapades, Lulu has a number of solo adventures (her toys and fingers finding their way inside zippers), as well as using her hands, feet and mouth on Jack, all while wearing different variations of their beloved zentai suit.

Being enclosed from head to toe in zentai suits makes the performer anonymous but shifts the focus on the body itself which makes the sexual act more erotic and sensual!

Stars: Lulu, Jack