Why do men want to be worms in Latex Porn?

Why do men always want to be worms in latex porn? she asked me

‘Oh dear, this is going to be potentially a long philosophical answer’ I thought. And trying to explain this to someone who didn’t have a clue, might also be embarrassing for me.

One guy came to me, had a fetish into nylons. He wasn’t into worms, or cross dressing, just tights – but there is a very similar parallel I am going to describe to you. I turned him into a silk worm. I wrapped him up in layers of nylons, encased in the socks until he looked quite plastic from the moiré effect of the sheer layers, and he was unable to do anything but wriggle like a worm.

For the same reason many people like bondage, and restriction, check out youtube for all the people applying self bondage to themselves, and worming around on the floor. Google sleeping bag bondage and you’ll see girls wrapping themselves up in homemade bondage bags, and squirming around in what appears to be a giant ribbed worm of a sleeping bag.

‘Imagine if that was all in  latex’ I said to one guy, who nearly creamed himself. It would be all slimey on the inside, like being inside a woman. Either a giant woman, or an embryotic fantasy. A worm and its lack of ability for thought, engaging in a sensory deprived fantasy is the simplest rationale of fantasies with an objective. Women have those same feelings, only we might say we want to worm around in the bath tub as a mermaid, or enjoy being tied up, or enjoy a vacuum bed session like you see in latex porn. Women want to be valued so we are less likely to undermine ourselves to the position of a worm. We may also go for objectification or humiliation, but its more about the manner that it is done, rather than the role in which we play.

When a man wants to be a worm, he may not be implying he wants the humiliation, he may simply want to absolve himself of being responsible. He could go into his mind without thought, and in bondage, restriction and deprivation, simply enjoy the focus that the moment will give him without the wider complication and thoughts in the world. It is for this same reason many people experience fetish in so many different ways to introvert into their fantasies and escape for a time away from reality.


I did a search under ‘heavy rubber’!! to satisfy my boredom with straight sex. And most of the fetish videos I found were rather tame with lots of porn, and bare arse, and the odd smattering of latex gloves etc. etc.
Just click on one of the videos on the left…
that’s it! And you come to the search index for latex videos on demand.. and type in ‘HEAVY RUBBER’!!! FOR THE MOST BIZARRE and entertaining latex porn. heh heh.
I can’t believe I’ve been around so long and did not realise how easy it was to just find what I wanted here. lol

I already have my top picks from the search index of what I would like to see…

Heavy fantasy 27, Fetish trailer IV, and HEAVY RUBBER 2… I’m going away now to *ahem* REVIEW!!!

Heavy Fantasy 22

Studio: Erotix Production

Video: Heavy Fantasy 22

Slave girl Eve gets some much needed discipline from her master for being the naughty . . .

Stars: Eve

18 Ratings
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Heavy Fantasy Classics

Studio: Erotix Production

Video: Heavy Fantasy Classics

There’s nothing like the feeling of a rubber suit to fully awaken and heighten your . . .

14 Ratings
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Heavy Fantasy 27

Studio: Erotix Production

Video: Heavy Fantasy 27

Heavy Fantasy 27 delivers yet another installment of some of the most outrageous . . .

Stars: Melanie

43 Ratings
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The Dungeon Interviews

2008Studio: B & D Pleasures

Video: The Dungeon Interviews

Mistress Melissa is looking for a personal assistant and the job requires more than . . .

12 Ratings
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Heavy Rubber 2

Studio: GwenMedia

Video: Heavy Rubber 2

A great fetish and rubber compilation with fully loaded rubber suit and gas mask . . .

26 Ratings
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Ponygirl In Heavy Rubber

Studio: Erotix Production

Video: Ponygirl In Heavy Rubber

Come and enter the underground world of a fetish that is not only seductive in . . .

6 Ratings
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Fetishtrailer IV

2003Studio: Marquis Media

Video: Fetishtrailer IV

The very best of Marquis and Heavy Rubber Video: the Ultimate in Fetish!
The . . .

17 Ratings
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Heavy Rubber Number One

Studio: GwenMedia

Video: Heavy Rubber Number One

Heavy Rubber #1 contains segments from some of the best GwenMedia movies ever made. . . .

26 Ratings
This is a Streaming Pay Per Minute Video. This video is available as a Streaming Rental.

Rick Savage Blonde Bondage & Submission 2

Studio: RickSavage.com

Video: Rick Savage Blonde Bondage & Submission 2

Before she became a porn star, Annie Andersin worked as a dominatrix called Mistress . . .

6 Ratings
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Extreme Torture 33

Studio: Erotix Production

Video: Extreme Torture 33

Extreme torture opens quietly and ominously with a suspended figure clad from head . . .

11 Ratings
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Wet Latex Dreams

Latex porn videos for free? Yep, I’ve now got the ability to hook you up with free videos thanks to my sponsors.

Unfortunately, the first video I picked sucked. Wet Latex Dreams sounds appealing. Full enclosure, ok ok, like it so far. But, once I started it, twas craptastic.

One thing I fucking hate about “fetish” movies is the fucking edgy techno. Why the fuck is industrial techno still synonymous with “fetish”. At least put some good beats, not just some Casio shit.
wet latex dreams

Anyway. The girls are fine. The latex, so so, the full enclosure, not so full.
The last scene is the best. Nice black hood. That’s about all I liked. Too bad the music made the scene come across like something from Fear Factor or Survivor.

Oh well, at least there will be new videos every few days.

Check out Latex Wet Dreams for yourself, and let me know how you felt about it.

Rubber Mermaid

rubber mermaid

Honestly, I know of another rubber mermaid who looks style is a lot more original, and in all honesty, her beauty is a lot deeper than Susan’s – but, for the time being, I’m going to keep you in the dark about who I’m talking about.

Anyway, Sway obviously looks damn good in this set. I really think her lines lend well to being a latex model. Her long limbs, and her strategically placed curves all make perfect pallets for those streaks of light run like detail along the latex. That gleam just make the pictures so much more tactile for me.

I think Sway is good looking, but, she’s a little plastic for me sometimes, so I was actually stoked to find this set of her in mask. In a way, she’s so superficial, that it really is just about her lines. So, enveloped her face in a nice tight mask, and the figure is really accentuated.

Her website is a good deal. You’re not going to get the most groundbreaking apparel. And you don’t get much personality. She sort of works this egotistic super model thing that has it’s place, but it comes across a little hackneyed. The reason why it’s still a great deal, and this is just coming from a purely masculine and visceral place – she’s just so fuckable. And her membership is like sixty cents a day.

Personally, I don’t go to the site 100% for the latex. Don’t get me wrong, she’s got some good stuff, but on the whole, a lot of it is chintzy. But, when you come across some of her nicer rubber, and she’s looking good, you’ve got a killer combo.

rubber mermaidrubber mermaidrubber mermaid

Zentai Love

zentai video

Zentai Love

Zentai Love starts strong. The first shot is of a female in a pink zentai suit. Her lithe body is perfectly accentuated by the hugging grasp of the nylon. She slowly drags her enclosed hands all over her body, sensuously encircling her pert breasts. Then, she leans forward, and pushes her face along her male partner’s body. Being that he’s in full enclosure too, I wish that there wasn’t any music so I could hear the materials rubbing together. I think that would make the sensations a little more pronounced.

The female performer continues to slide her hands along the body of her partner. She does a really nice job of teasing his cock as she slowly drags her face, and her palms along his bulge, but never soly focusing on it. She gives a nice physical performance in this segment, really extending, showing us her body.

Eventually, the female slips her partner’s cock out, and then commences to stimulate him using her hands, her feet, and her face. I particularily like how she uses her face. It sort of evens out the focus, so it’s not overtly about his stimulation. Towards the end of the segment, she does revel her mouth so she can suck his cock. But, again, it’s not JUST a blowjob. She doesn’t go full force on him. Instead, she does a lot of teasing, barely fitting his cock in her mouth, taking it out, using her hands, making use of the fabric. The camera stays pretty close throughout the whole segement, and gets some nice details like the suit’s wetness around her mouth. At the end of the segment, the angle changes and gives us another nice full shot of her gorgeous body as she takes his cock from her mouth.

The next segment is a wider angle, and features both performers sitting upright. The female has a vibrating wand against her clit. The scene is nice because the music is gone, and all we can hear is the vibrator against the nylon. There’s some mutual masturbation, the male taking control of the vibrator while the female strokes his cock. It’s a pretty interesting set up because the camera never moves, really giving us a nice example of the exhibitionism inherit in zentai play. I love the end of the segment because the female sort of turns on her side, and her hip juts out, giving us a nice look at her exquisite curve.

The third segment is my favorite of the four. The female is on her back, holding the vibrator to her pussy. The male sits next to her, pawing her body, stimulating her nipples, her legs, her stomach. You can almost feel her pleasure.

The reason that this segment is my favorite is because the female is obviously having an orgasm, but it’s really understated. You hear it in the way she holds the vibrator to her pussy. At first she sort of slowly encircles her clit, building herself up. She gradually applies pressure until the end when the vibrator is mashed up against her pussy. If you pay attention to her face, you can tell that she has a nice long orgasm by the way she slightly bucks up throughout the end of the segment. The segment is very sensual, so it appealed to me.

The final segment features the male laying on his back with his erect and exposed cock. The female has stripped from her zentai suit, but her anonymity is maintained as we can only see her hands and her forearms. She slowly massages his cock, running her fingertips along his shaft and his inner thighs until he comes in her hands. A nice segment, but a little too phallus-centered for my persuasion.

I really wish that these guys would put out some more content. I’d like to see them do something in a different setting, perhaps including more performers.

If you’re looking for a nice, simple intro into zentai, I’d say this video will suit you -wink wink.

Take care.

zentai suitzentai sexzentaizentai masturbation

Das Bizarre Labor

hot girl latex video

Das Bizarre Labor Approximate Running Time: 01:30

Peter W. Czernich gets another opportunity to demonstrate his fetish expertise in the film Das Bizarre Labor (translation: The Bizarre Laboratory). It takes place in the Bizarre Laboratory of Dr. Rubberstien. Experiments are conducted on female volunteers. In this case, the lovely and erotically talented Summer Cummins, who is without a doubt, one of most well endowed and sensual latex models in the business.

big boobs latex
The Movie opens with a rubber clad woman (Summer Cummings) licking and fondling several large dildos as the titles roll. A bit simple, but she does wear a nice latex suit that is fully stretched over her massive breasts. The dialog is non existent, but somehow we all get the message of what is happening throughout the movie.

The experiments begin with Summer partially clad in a latex suit with two openings in the front allowing full access to her fantastic breasts. She plays with her nipples as she waits for the laboratory researcher (nurse). Apart from the occasional moan or excited mmumph… There is no real dialog in this movie (thereby making it a successful multi-language movie).

In the first segment, fellatio training, a nice cock appears through a hole in a latex covered wall and she performs wonderfully licking and sucking this rigid cock. She uses her massive breasts to crush and caress the cock while the nurse takes notes. She holds and mouths the cock until the stiffness begins to fade and is it is sucked back into the wall…

transparent latex suitThe next segment is entitled rubber mask training. Summer, now in a transparent latex suit with ball cuffs, sits in a chair waiting for the nurse. She arrives and her mask training begins. The nurse is in black latex with blue hair. Text is in German so it is a bit difficult to make out the notes.

The nurse straps summers ball mitten covered hands with thigh straps to ensure that she cannot use her hands in the rubber hood training. Nice touch with the nurse’s white boots have a Red Cross. It gives the nurse a sense of being there to give help, and not just provide erotic torture. Summer will not be able to lift her hands up to her face. She has a posture collar on to prevent her from bending down and a chain is locked to the collar to ensure that she will not bend over. She will not be able to touch her face or move the latex mask to get air.

The first hood is a full cover standard latex hood with a mouth opening. It has a zip back and is a loose fit over the collar. It is always fun to watch the hood go in and out as she breathes. The nurse checks to make sure she is still breathing as she reads the latest Skin Two Magazine (another of Peter’s handiworks)…

After 25 minutes (time lapse) she changes the hood. The second hood has a transparent breathing panel in front with a smaller breathing hole. She resists but the nurse applies the hood and zips it tight. We watch as the front panel moves in and out rhythmically. The third hood is a full transparent latex bag. It is not clear if the holes are big enough for good breathing. Her hands start to pull to reach the mask, unsuccessfully… The nurse leaves the room and Summer tries to use her ball mitt covered hands to masturbate. It is a difficult reach.

The last hood in the sequence is added over a ball gaga and blindfold. I have found that a large ball gag on a tight latex stretch cord is very effective and difficult to push out with your tongue. Covered with a latex bag hood with a strap/lock at the neck she struggles to breath.This one looks like fun.

The music in the background throughout the film adds nothing and is sometimes just a distraction…

Summer then makes her way to a transparent latex vacuum bed. She always looks good with her breasts vacuum packed. She continues to rub her breasts and cunt in hopes of stimulating an orgasm… This is a typical vacuum on and off sequence – it is nothing out of the ordinary.

In the next few scenes Summer plays the nurse and performs experiments on another “volunteer”. Vacuum cups applied to the subject’s breasts and cunt. Latex pants, and latex gloves to try to simulate orgasm. All it succeeds in doing is stimulating Summer who has her orgasm.

What film would be complete without the inflatable latex ball? The next sequence has one but it really does not add to the film. However, since I have not spent time in an inflated latex ball (not that I would not like to), I will reserve judgment on the total experience.

Next we have one of Peter’s more bizarre latex outfits. Summer wears an inflatable mushroom helmet (see box cover photo). The best part of the outfit is observing Ms. Summers breasts beneath the thin latex surface. It makes you want to put your face right in there. Fore me, it would be a dream come true.

Next she plays in a bath of water from which simulated steam (made from dry ice) emanates. The scene is OK, but Summer is outstanding in this outfit. She has a remarkable figure…

The next few scenes deal with Summer in an open breast and open crotch outfit. She plays with an inflatable vibrating dildo, which makes it way into her anus. She continues to pump, vibrate and rhythmically move around the padded latex covered floor.

The final Summer sequence is “auto anal fisting”. Done quite well if you are in to this… it demonstrates another one of her multifaceted talents.

The costumes are excellent. If you like latex, combined with an attractive large breasted woman with a beautiful figure, then you will like several parts of this movie.

I think Summer passes all the “bizarre” tests with flying colors in this Latex Laboratory… She remains one of my favorite latex models.

The film is four out of five stars…

That is my review and there you have it… Dr. Marquis