My first venture into Latex porn – Moulded Dildo Briefs

I was only 17, and hardly in a fetish relationship, but I found something appealing in a local sex shop.

Latex – Moulded Dildo Briefs / Women.

Actually it was (luckily for me) a local latex clothing store, that had a range of sex articles in one corner, and dildos inside the cash clerks cabinet. I used to drag my fellow university colleagues into the store. I was the only girl in the class, so I found it rather entertaining that these guys could be more bashful about latex clothing then me.

I was a dominatrix at university and didn’t even know it, hell I only discovered that term 5 years ago. I used to wear the high heels, knee highs boots, thigh high stockings and glossy tops and leather mini skirt into my engineering classes. I just felt powerful and good. It was on one of these occasions of dragging the lads into the local latex store, that I fell in love with latex porn. They would make casual jovial remarks about how they thought things in there were weird, but I was strangely heightened, more curious than ever, and exited by the smell of that rubber store. To me, that smelled like the sex I wanted. If the lads at uni didn’t share this interest with me, then I was unlikely to be satisfied by any of these boys. It was my first port of call into the realm of latex porn, and I realised early on I needed rubber.

Unlike today, I assume most people experimenting or finding out, would do so over the internet. The internet wasn’t such a big resource for me in those days, and besides, going into a store where you could see, smell, and at a comparative glance first hand decide where to prioritse your money… all under the dizzying aroma of latex and bizarre imagery plastered on the walls. It was an aphrodisiac, and I fought to hide those slimey feelings from my jiving classmates who stood in a group taking the piss out of gimps, blow up heads, and dildo girls.

How I longed in those days to have a latex man of my own, or be just that rubber sex doll… and to this day I have to admit, its one of my fantasies that still sticks. I was only 17, that’s what I don’t get. Was there anyone else like me? I thought there was something wrong with me. Sadly.

I took the time to browse a catalog from westward bound. Latex catalogs were prized possesions and if I couldn’t keep them, I would get the boy next door to keep them for me. I admitted to the store owner that it was like latex porn to me. He was curious and asked me which image out of everything, me at such a sweet young innocent age, really turned me on. I replied the very first image – the woman with the transparent dildo pants on holding her fake cock. It was an image so new and striking to me, I wanted those pants! So, being a poor student, that was one of my first investments. and I have to say, it was one of the best choices. An absolute must for the girly wardrobe.

I don’t know why they turned me on, it’s just a fetish. It doesn’t mean I want to be a guy, or fuck a guy, or am a lesbian. But I definately did some experimenting with those cock pants, and it trained me early on to enjoy sex in a different way that was otherwise considered the norm.

I am not sure if that was a good thing or not. Because my recognition of relationships over the past half of my adult life has been distorted. Everyone has to take time out to assess whether they are confortable in themselves, and the familiarity in which they behave. I have changed and evolved many times over the last few relationships, with the thought of my latex porn and dildo pants heavily on my mind in each. It probably affected the guys/girls I was with too, changed them, made them aware or more uncomfortable of other dynamics in sexual relationships.

All I know is, the first time I saw her 15 years ago, in her sweaty latex dildo briefs. I felt terribly horny, it felt good, I wanted my own, and this was just the start of my journey into Latex porn where no other porn would ever satisfy me again…