Latex Pets: Untamed

Video: Latex Pets: Untamed
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Cum out, cum out, cum out to play my little latex vixen and naughty rubber slut! Your masters and mistresses have a very special treat for you, but first you must lap up all of your milk. If you’re a good little pet, a hard cock and thick toy awaits you. Just lick up those pussies and purr when you’re penetrated, and we’ll treat you like the pretty little slut that you are. Cum out and play, dirty slave pet.

Stars: Angelica Heart, Latex Lucy, Kyra Hot, Kid Jamaica, Franco Roccaforte


Video: Transformed
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Studio: Amator
Today Lady Ashley has something very special: a crying sissy boy named Natalie who will be transformed to into a pretty, submissive suck and fuck doll. First the sissy practices deep throat on Lady Ashley’s big black cock, which he does well with, and then he gets strapped into the fuck chair to get his mistress’s cock in his ass. Natalie gets a few more tasks; will the sissy live up to Lady Ashley’s expectations?

Stars: Lady Ashley, Natalie (male)

Lady Alexa – Crazy Rubber

Video: Lady Alexa - Crazy Rubber
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Studio: Amator
Lady Alexa takes her little rubber slave into the dungeon and subjects him to CBT as well as a bit of nipple play with red clamps. She takes him into another part of her dungeon where she further subjects him CBT and edges him out with a handjob to absolutely “nowhere”. Lastly, Alexa and her friend take him into the forest where they test his physical ability and humiliate him further by having him job alongside the car.

Stars: Lady Alexa

Chained Desire

Video: Chained Desire
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Studio: Horizon
Deep within the dungeon of the sex starved is enough metal and latex to smother a state park. With pussies rubbing against each other, and latex, and cocks it's expected that someone will be covered in cum. These pussies are hot and waiting for nice, long, plunging cocks.

Stars: Alyssa Allure, Leanna Hart, Candy Apples, Jessica Darlin, Nancy Vee, J.R. Carrington, Jamie Leigh, Billy Glide, Dave Hardman, Jay Ashley, Chris

Stefanie 2: Die Ausbildung Wird Harter

Video: Stefanie 2: Die Ausbildung Wird Harter
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Studio: Karezza
Stefanie has been in Mistress Sandra's institute now for more than one year. But to become a perfect rubber slave girl is still a long way off. She spends her nights and attends her daily training lessons, severely packed in latex, often consisting of a blow up strait jacket with dildos and a leg binder. Additionally, she is in agony from all the dirty tricks of her classmates. Of course, Mistress Sandra does not accept such an illegitimate attitude, so severe punishments are common practice. For example, the Blow Job box, where girls have to give paying guests blowjobs. Stefanie's day ends with a cruel electro-shock therapy.

Stars: Jacline, Claudia, Monica, Stefanie, Mistress Sandra, Jean Bardot, Rubber Slave, Luzi Lee, Mistress Elle

The Domina Files Volume 46 – Fetish Files 1 by Peter Felix Kurtz

Video: The Domina Files Volume 46 - Fetish Files 1 by Peter Felix Kurtz
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Studio: SPI Media
Mistress Hannah Price, Queen of latex and rubber, beckons you to join her on a fetish journey, where fantasy is reality. In her world of real-life fetish and female domination, there are no agency models; just authentic and passionate fetishists who live the lifestyle 24/7. See this world through the experience lens of world renowned fetish photographer Peter Felix Kurtz.

Stars: Ellie, Tallulah Tease, Rubber Sisters, Mistress Hannah Price, Stella Van Gent, Dave

Mistress Webb On Sub Tony

Video: Mistress Webb On Sub Tony
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Studio: BDSM.XXX
This amazing mistress's hands squeezed through the bars where she grabbed and slapped and analyzed her well-built slave making sure he was still in the fine shape she was accustomed too. At one point she commented on the weight of sub Tony telling him he had put on the pounds, a comment that rocked him to his core as he goes way beyond the call of duty of any sub to stay in perfect physical condition for his Mistresses. Once the desired effect of breaking him down had been done Mistress let him out, where she gave him the choice of being beaten by her hand or the flogger, to which he choose the hand so the could be closer to his Mistress. Even though the beating he received from Mistress's hand was far more pain than that he would have got from the flogger it turned him on immensely having Mistress's rubber clad hands on his body.

Luckily for sub Tony he enjoyed Mistress's hand on his raging cock, and the divine pleasure of his Mistress's pussy also but with this fortune came sacrifice and that was getting a good beating, not to mention being taken to the brink of cumming many times and then commanded to stop before later on being made to lick his own cum off of Mistress's shoe.

Stars: Mistress Webb, Sub Tony

Master Rose On Sub Brooklyn

Video: Master Rose On Sub Brooklyn
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Studio: BDSM.XXX
Master Rose is a master that likes to lay down the rules with a strict and forceful hand. And Brooklyn is a busty, British sub Who likes to get her tits and pussy rubbed the right way! Brooklyn loves a rough and masculine touch and she loves to take instruction! Whether it’s taking a dildo in her mouth or she’s being instructed and to beg to get fucked, Brooklyn is down for some hard BDSM!

Stars: Brooklyn, Master Rose