Behind The Mask

Video: Behind The Mask
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Studio: DDF Productions
Latex Lucy is one of the wildest porn stars today, and this movie captures her at her most intense. Dressed in a variety of full head masks and colorful latex body suits, Latex Lucy explores sexuality in scenes from vanilla to super kinky! First, she teases you solo, then watch as Lucy is kept in a strange foot locker with holes for her legs and pussy. Observe Lucy and she gets freaky in a bathtub with a guy in a gas mask – fucking him and sucking his cock. See Lucy used by a strange psychiatrist to cure his patient through threesome sex with Lucy’s holes. Gasp as Lucy rides a double-dildo and penetrates Lucia Love with her hand, under the supervision of a dominant latex master! Don’t forget to watch Lucy submit herself as a slave to mistress Kyra Hot! This is a must-see movie for latex lovers!

Stars: Lucia Love, Latex Lucy, Kyra Hot, Bruno SX, Frank M., Mugur, Juan Lucho

Latex Lover

Video: Latex Lover
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
We all know by now what SexscorpionXXX is like and what she loves to do! Which is why the redheaded, English MILF is granting this lucky guy’s kinkiest fantasy! She’s clad in a latex bodysuit, high hells and “fuck me” pumps for the lucky, but submissive stud. He almost blows his load when she lies across his lap for a fondling before baring her massive boobs! Next, she jerks and sucks his cock before strapping on a condom and taking him for the ride of his life! She demands a doggy-style drilling before he lets the spunk fly free for an afternoon romp he won’t soon forget.

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Gummi Geil

Video: Gummi Geil
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Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment
In Lady McLaine’s rubber clinic all patients must undergo strict special therapies. Baronessa Carmen administers an aromatic inhalation to Patient no. 1 with her noble champagne while Lady Sahara deeply examines his rectal ailment. Now, the chronic respiratory distress of patient no. 2 is first treated naturally by facesitting. His hard and horny cock still doesn't soften even after an electric therapy so Lady McLaine takes matters into her own hands and milks him to the last drop.

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Lady Sahara, Lady MacLaine

Naughty Queer

Video: Naughty Queer
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Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment
Carmen Rivera, Lady Sahara, and Queer Lady Cara come together in Naughty Queer to turn out their subs; Natalie GothTV and Latex Boy. Watch as these skilled dominatrixes get their cross-dressing companions down to the dungeon to lick, suck, and fuck their huge strap-ons and worship their latex-clad asses!

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Lady Sahara, Lady MacLaine, Queer Lady Cara, Natalie GothTV, Latex Boy

Machined Extracted

Video: Machined Extracted
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Studio: Amator
Today in Lady Ashley’s latex-clad dungeon, the Mistress is preparing her slave to be milked like cattle. In a full-body latex suit and mask, he isn’t going anywhere, and Lady Ashley makes sure he is in total obedience-mode when she prepares his dick for domination. Lady Ashley milks him for everything he’s worth with her hands and a pump, then locks him up in chastity when she’s finished. And she makes sure he’s had an ass full of her strap on before the day is done.

Stars: Lady Ashley

Latex Lovers

Video: Latex Lovers
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Studio: Bizarre Video

Boys and Girls don that shiny silky smooth apparel and frolic in the intense sensuality it produces. There are exotic women adoring themselves in the loveliness of every curve of glistening latex. Lounging in it, bathing in it and fornicating in it. The layers of clinging glistening rubber are peeled off of soft smooth skin, revealing inch by inch the tenderness beneath. The feel and touch of latex stimulates libidos driving these hot sensual babes to plunge fingers, toys and hard cocks into their steamy dripping vaginas. Enjoy 5 erotic scenes with 2 and half hours of rubber eroticism. In the opening scene a latex and leather clad couple play horsey and enjoy a female dominant encounter. Virginia rides her rubber-clad pony and enjoys his lapping tongue front and back. With adequate pre-lube complete, she rides his horse cock to a delightful orgasm. The second reveals the ever-sensuous Hanna Hilton encased in black latex from head to toe. She peals away the ebony skin during her shower and bath, delighting in the cascading water streams over her swank body. Next on the screen is the ever-curvaceous Aria Giovanni in a black and gold hot pants set. She lathers up the rubber in a shower running rivulet of soap and water all over her succulent form. Piece by piece the glistening wet rubber is removed. In the forth scene two darling girls, Valarie and Linda delight in a paint part with liquid latex. They meticulously paint each other’s bodies in a creative array of colors. But, as libidos rise with every paint stoke, they enthusiastically rip off the dried latex. A girl – girl lick fest follows. Next we have the sensuous Cherry Jul in a black and blue outfit offering her personal comments about how the feel of latex arouses her. She elaborates her point as she slowly peals away the rubber skin and exposes the moist pink folds of her hot box.

Scene 1: PONY BOY (Ruka Stone and Virginia) - Mistress Virginia is encased in a succulent cat suite mounted on top of a devoted slave. She rides her pony around the room then has him clean up her boots with a tongue protruding through a full head mask. With his head down and ass up a liberal dose of the crop is used on him as his tongue laps and licks. Having done such a good job on her boots. Mistress turns his tongue to attend to first her pussy then her ass, as she instructs him to clean and massage both orifices. This Mistress continues her pleasures with her Pony Boy. His cock is erect and hard as iron. She lays him out prone on his back so it protrudes even further. He is instructed to moisten her pussy with his tongue as she grinds her ass into his masked face. Virginia is ready to ride and mounts her Pony’s up-thrust cock first forward then back bouncing with pleasure. When she is has had enough she employs her Pony’s tongue to finish the job with a thorough pussy swabbing that bring Virginia to a shuddering orgasm.

Scene 2: LATEX BATH (Hanna Hilton) - The polished black rubber clings to Hanna from head to toe. The white accents balance with the ivory white exposed skin of her round posteriors, hood framed face and silky shaven pussy. She lowers the front zipper to reveal a set of gorgeous full plump natural breasts. Hanna enters the tub and hoses down her black skin. The water bounces, splashes and glistens on the shinny latex, running over her breasts nipples and through her pussy. She finishes with a good douching using the water stream. It bubbles into and out of her spreading love lips. When she stands to dry off the water streaks across the latex, running in tiny rivers to the tub below.

Scene 3: SUDS (Aria Giovanni) - Step into her bathroom and enjoy a scene with Aria showering in a bright shimmering latex suite. This famous and provocative celebrity graces the screen of Bizarre Video with a solo exposé in all her classic style. She lathers up the glistening rubber in a shower and bath, frolicking in the cascading soap and water. Piece by slick piece is peeled away, gradually exposing her voluptuous form. When all is removed, she plays with the soap and water letting both cascade over her round curvaceous form.

Scene 4: PAINT PARTY (Valerie and Linda Brown) - These two playful chicks find there lounging time interrupted by a surprising arrival of an unusual gift. They soon discover that someone has sent them liquid latex paint. A little dab here and there leads to full on brush strokes as each girl in turn tries her hand at creating a colorful outfit for her friend. Tits, asses and pussies are decorated with the shinny rubbery stuff. When the paint dries they both admire their handiwork. But the brush strokes soon lead to finger strokes and shinny wet pussies in need of more than just a finger. They take turns using a rubber dildo on each other to bring on an entertaining and satisfying orgasm.

Scene 5 - LEGGY IN LATEX (Cherry Jul) - A tight iridescent blue latex top hugs her body while her long sensuous legs are in encased in black rubber. Cherry Jul provides a stimulating display of motions that cast her lithe limbs in a sexy and erotic visual dance. A color coordinated rubber dildo completes her ensemble, which she employs to her own delights and sensual exhibition. She talks about the feel of the tight rubber skin and how it makes her swoon. Then she slowly peels it off, piece by piece to reveal herself in a hot sweaty aroused state.

Stars: Valerie, Virginia, Aria Giovanni, Cherry Jul, Linda Brown, Hanna Hilton, Ruka Stone

A Nasty Therapy

Video: A Nasty Therapy
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Studio: Amator
This guy just isn’t going to get the type of hospital treatment that anyone pictures as the norm for a patient. This hospital office and these particular “doctors” only specialize in one form of discipline: BDSM. So when it’s not really that surprising when this submissive/patient comes into the waiting room in a complete rubber bondage suit. His check-up begins now!

Stars: Lady Cheyenne, Mistress Zita

Queening His Face

Video: Queening His Face
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Studio: Femdom Empire
Mistress Kleio Valentien sits on her throne; her slave is in his rightful place... his face is under her ass. Mistress teases him with her itty bitty latex thong, she order he stick his tongue out and lick her panties. Kleio rubs her pussy against his tongue turning herself on more and more every time his warm tongue touches her clit. She removes her panties and has her slave orally service her cunt. She rubs against his face until she cums.

Mistress August Ames has reduced her boyfriend into her slave boy-toy. She has locked a humbler around his balls and is making him to crawl; the dildo attached to his face completes his humiliation. She strokes the cock on his face "Do you want to fuck me?" August slides the cock inside her tight pink pussy while she rubs her clit. "Do you like staring at and pleasing the pussy you won't get?" August cums on the dildo right in front of his face, and the denied horny sub is humiliated. She removes the dildo from his face and lets him suck the cock clean, the taste of denial.

The only purpose a slave's tongue is good for is licking his Mistress's cunt and ass. Mistress Cameron Dee puts her bitch in his place making him service her horny, wet pussy until she cums all over his face. No orgasms allowed for slaves!

Mistress Summer Brielle is as dominant as she is beautiful, and males naturally want to obey and follow her orders. Mistress Summer loves having her pussy licked and worshiped, she straddles her slave’s face and orders he worship her cunt. She pulls his hair and gyrates her pussy over his mouth telling him just how to eat her pussy to make her cum. Her pussy gets more and more wet after each orgasm, the slave gets so turned on from eating her pussy, but he is left denied with blue balls.

Bratty 18 yr old Rachele Richey orders her pet to show his devotion by worshipping her divine ass. She pulls his face deep between his cheeks laughing as he gasps for air. She sits on his face full weight and orders he lick her ass deeper! She orders he lick every inch of her perfect ass licked.

Stars: Kleio Valentien, Summer Brielle , Cameron Dee, August Ames, Rachele Richey, Christian XXX, Wolf Hudson, Robert Axel