Berlin "Anal-Date" XL

Video: Berlin "Anal-Date" XL
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Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment
A little secret 'fuck date' in Berlin's "Versteck" between the Baroness and her horny bitch quickly turns out to be an anal marathon. Toys that are appropriate for the ass filling are soon at hand. The insatiable ass-pussy is properly lubed and maltreated by the Baroness and juiced multiple times. This slut lies totally squashed, fucked and jerked off before her.

Stars: Carmen Rivera


Video: Transformation-Fantasy
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Studio: Amator
Imagine being encased in a comforting shell of latex, all your senses deprived with the exception of the rubbery smell of your skintight suit. Your crotch is unzipped and you’re probed with latex-clad fingers in a doctor’s office in preparation to be dominated by Baroness Bijou and the Rubber Sisters. Does this sound like a good time to you? Then watch Transformation-Fantasy!

Stars: Baroness Bijou, Rubber Sisters, Minxi

Under Her Ass

Video: Under Her Ass
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Studio: Amator
It's a damn hard way to be properly trained to rubber bitch. Especially from Lady Satori. The most sensitive parts of the body have to endure her not-so-tender ministrations before the rubber transformation can be done. The ultimate humiliation begins when her slave is dressed in red and pink rubber. As part of her training, she serves the mistress as a toilet. The Mistress even puts her new slave through electro stimulation by attaching the nodes to her balls! The Mistress revels in her face-sitting position as she turns the Power button on! Mistress jerks her sub’s cock until it’s throbbing and her hips are bucking! But she can’t cum yet…at least not until Mistress calls her friend for a little fun in the backyard! Thus, embarrassingly, she is tied to a tree with her stiff tail in the garden of the estate, which is also situated directly on a busy road.

The Mistress T Collection – Humiliation Therapy

Video: The Mistress T Collection - Humiliation Therapy
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Studio: HoloGirls VR
You're a Virgin. With issues. Show the Doctor your flaccid cock. Is this humiliating for you? Standing there exposed having a doctor assess your manhood? You better start stroking it to show her what you've got. Your Doctor taunts you, humiliates you and shames you and your pathetic little dick in erotic virtual reality. You'll never know what it's like to please a woman; the only way you can please her, or make any woman smile, is to humiliate yourself, make an ass of yourself. Cum for her. Entertain her. This is as close as you'll ever get to sex. How low will you go? Will you lick your own cum off the floor just to see her smile?

Stars: Mistress T

Aqua Fickness

Video: Aqua Fickness
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Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment
Lady Carmen Rivera and Lady Vampira are spending the day by the pool. But today will be anything but a lazy one! The demanding divas have invited special pool guests to grant their every whim. Watch these pool boys worship their mistress, be bound in cellophane, gag on a massive dildo and/or strap-on and then get pegged all around the pool! Talk about fun in the sun! These guys were the life of the party!

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Lady Vampira

Lucy Loves Latex Lesbians

Video: Lucy Loves Latex Lesbians
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Studio: Explicit Empire
If there is one thing that Latex Lucy loves it’s a latex lesbian! There’s something about a female clad from head to toe in latex that gets her passions going! Clanddi Jinkcego wants to play doctor in a way that leaves them both panting from their orgasms. Black Angelica worships Lucy’s latex-clad tootsies in the tub before Latex Lucy has a little bondage fun with Rubber Ruby. Black Angelica is back again, but this time she’s making sure she gets more than the 8 ball in the corner pocket.

Stars: Black Angelica, Clanddi Jinkcego, Paige Delight, Latex Lucy, Rubber Ruby

The Domina Files Volume 63 – Baroness Bijou, Augsburg, Germany

Video: The Domina Files Volume 63 - Baroness Bijou, Augsburg, Germany
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Studio: SPI Media
After the famous EroFame fair, the Domina Files film crew went down South into the outskirts of the Dark Forest to visit none other than Baroness Bijou who had invited us for an extended stay in one of the places she uses as a dungeon for her sessions. An old train depot with lots of underground rooms, a complete greenhouse, and a stable offered huge possibilities for the amazing shoot days. We shot so much material that we decided to create a double release to do justice to this amazing and versatile dominatrix who reigns in leather, PVC, and latex but also as the riding mistress with a huge following. Be prepared to travel with her across Europe and witness some of the most amazing stuff you have ever seen! In this volume you will see rubber bondage, strap-on play, boot worship, corporal punishment, CBT, and more unbelievable material. Complete with interview segments and behind the scenes footage of the Roman city of Augsburg and its amazing history!

Stars: Baroness Bijou

Fetish Zone: Latex – Latex-Offerte

Video: Fetish Zone: Latex – Latex-Offerte
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Studio: Inflagranti Film Berlin
A bizarre passion connects the exciting girls in this fetish movie: the lust for the latex. The long-legged divas reach each other in their ragged, moistly gleaming outfits, they feel, lick and entwine. They present themselves and they seduce themselves with their horny stimuli. They sweat, they grind and crack, and they groan in savage ecstasy when they have their openings filled with a hard cock or dildos. Bizarre pure pleasure!

Stars: Sharon Da Vale, Jessica L., Silke Maiden, Kristin La Roug, Jean Pallett