Leather And Latex

Video: Leather And Latex
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Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment

Scene 1: Riley Nixon Latex Sex

Buzzed blonde babe Riley Nixon slowly teased her way out of her fire engine red Siren Latex minidress, encouraging Steve Holmes' growing erection. She snapped and peeled her skintight ensemble up and down revealing her exquisite natural tits and bottom before dropping to her knees to please her sharply dressed daddy. Papa Steve loves getting his ass licked before plowing into his sweet girl, and returning the favor slipping a finger into her puckerhole, because this turkey needs stuffing! Resting his balls on Riley's pretty shaved head, she waits for his cum like a good girl. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Scene 2: Ivy Lebelle Professional Anal Whore

Bubbly Ivy Lebelle happily danced around, showing off her curves in baby blue Siren Latex lingerie, excited over her soon-to-be anal pounding! Toni Ribas popped out her bejeweled butt plug and slid his big cock down her throat with her pretty blue eyes staring back in a playfully devilish manner. She loves being a dirty little whore - let her make a slobbery mess on your cock and take all her holes. Ivy enjoys getting stuffed in the rear like such a good girl, bouncing that booty up and down on his stiff rod, and cleaning all her sex juices off of it! What a perfect horny slut!

Scene 3: Honey Gold Leather Sex

Dolled up in strappy and tight black leather; tits each covered by a tape X, Honey Gold seductively dances for her man. She submits to sloppily suck Xander's cock and balls with him in control, pulling the metal ring attached to her harness. He tears open her stockings and thrusts his stiff rod into her slippery pussyhole in deep doggystyle, giving her multiple orgasms. Honey needed Xander to throatfuck her before turning her over to continue the piledriving pussy pounding and foot fucking she craves. Xander shoots his jizz all over her little black dress and she licks it up like the cum thirsty slut she is!

Scene 4: Tana Lea Leather

Curvaceous redhead Tana Lea loves the feel of leather on her skin, and frankly, she looks fucking HOT wearing it! She can't resist a man in a leather jacket either, especially with Small Hands looking like a tasty treat. While making out, she can hardly wait at all to unzip her top and unleash her big bouncy boobs - all the better for Tana to satisfy an unquenchable thirst for dick down her throat and a pussy pounding! She loves playing rough; using leather as a gag and licking cum off her slutty boots while having kinky sex with her man!

Scene 5: Holly Beth Latex Sex

Pouty dollface Holly Beth swayed sexily outside in her pastel candy pink latex dress, flashing her little bum, sending Small Hands a not so subtle hint that she'd like his company. Her excited clit deserved a romantic diddle and make outs accompanied by a friendly pounding. She loves the feeling of being tossed gently down by her lover and penetrated by his stiff meat, riding him enthusiastically and taking it from behind as her natural tits and round bubble bounce. I love her squeals of orgasmic pleasure as Small Hands pumps away at her twat!

Stars: Holly Beth, Honey Gold , Ivy Lebelle, Riley Nixon, Tana Lea, Small Hands, Steve Holmes, Toni Ribas, Xander Corvus

Loverboy’s Training Day

Video: Loverboy's Training Day
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Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment
Locked up in a rubber cell and fixated in a straight jacket “pussy boy” is completely and utterly at the mercy of Lady Puma and Lady Carmen. Incited by the distinct horniness of their operational object the two ladies ruthlessly eat him alive! Without any mercy, his family jewels are fixated into a cock and balls compactor. The dominant ladies give their pupil very special thrills with electric shocks. Thereafter, comes extreme face sitting par excellence. His greedy “pussy mouth” is stuffed with a dildo gag, which his mistresses use for a mega horny ride. After their Happy Endings, he sucks off the ladies juices in wild sextacy. True to the motto “How deep is your love?” the ladies gape the “boy pussy” of their “pussy boy” with a strap on and show him the deeper meaning of his slave existence. Until he can release his pent up hot and horny load on Lady Puma’s titties in this spanking finale.

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Puma, Michelangelo

Mistress Marley Brinx

Video: Mistress Marley Brinx
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Studio: Femdom Empire

Mistress Marley returns to the dungeon with extremely muddy leather boots that need to be properly spit shined. Good thing there is a dedicated house slave to be the personal doormat for every Mistress that steps foot into The Femdom Empire. He is already at the lowest position of servitude and must keep proving his worth by licking up every piece of mud and filth as ordered. Mistress Marley laughs, spits and slaps the bitch while he chokes on all that disgusting grit and grime. She is determined to get her boots sparkling clean and could care less if his tongue becomes black and covered with nasty downtown street filth.

Mistress Marley makes sure chastity is never a reward by keeping slaves in a constant state of sexual frustration and agony. She enjoys smacking her slave around while watching his helpless and swollen dick suffer from trying to break free. The more he begs to have his cock released the more she loves to tease. Marley slides his chastity cage between her latex covered pussy and ass making him feel what he is never allowed to fuck.

Stars: Marley Brinx, Slave Wade

Latex Pleasures

Video: Latex Pleasures
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Studio: Bizarre Video
Latex, Latex, Latex! It’s so good, you just have to scream it over and over! These sexy Bizarre Video whores are all we need to fulfill your deepest desires. High heels, chains, spanking, oh my! Just bend over and let them have it…because they’re going to take it anyway. Slave sluts kneeling and bowing to their beauty, just to gain pleasurable punishment beyond your imagination. Can’t you smell the juices running down their legs? You’ll just have to submit to this HD production to find out wha

Stars: Dolly Diore, Latex Lucy, Mea Melone , Nikki Waine, Tina Kay, Wendy Moon, Zara Durose, Csoky Ice, David Perry, Mugur

Die Atemreduktion

Video: Die Atemreduktion
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Studio: Mega-Film
These obedient subs are releasing their inhibitions and handing themselves over to the tender care of these dominating divas and masters of kinky mischief to walk that fine line between pleasure and pain. Bondage, hot wax, breath play, pussy punishment, whippings and spankings are just some of the humiliating tactics used to keep these subs compliant!

Mistress Chanel Preston

Video: Mistress Chanel Preston
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Studio: Femdom Empire

Pussy Slide the Cum Out

Mistress Chanel has allowed her chastity bitch the pleasure of trying out to be her new personal sex toy. Unfortunately her test dummy can't even last while her wet pussy slides up and down his rock hard cock. He cums before she even allows him to enter her cunt and gets locked right back into chastity where pre-mature ejaculators belong.

Extreme Chastity Upgrade

A ball trap chastity device just isn't secure enough for a horny slave and Mistress Chanel knows better than to trust a man while she is away. Her bitch gets the ultimate chastity upgrade to keep his cock, balls and ass completely locked away and denied from any wandering slave hands. A trial run is definitely in order as Mistress Chanel teases and tortures every inch of his body making sure his steel chastity belt is completely inescapable.

This Pussy Owns You

You are completely obsessed with this little area in between my legs. What it tastes like, what it smells like. Today is your lucky day, my panties are off and you will worship my divine cunt. The pussy that owns you, controls, you and drives you crazy. Your cock is denied in chastity while I ride your face to mind blowing orgasms.

Mindless Doll JOI

Mistress Chanel orders you to stare at the crystal ball she is swinging back and forth in front of her as her soft voice fills your mind, ordering you to relax. Once she has you totally calm, Chanel begins to control your mind, telling you that you belong completely to her and are nothing but a toy doll for her to play with. Chanel reinforces your helplessness by ordering you to stroke your cock as she rubs her breasts and pussy to get you even more excited. Once you cum, you will forever be Chanel's mindless jerk doll - but looking at her beautiful face and hot body, are you even trying to resist?

Popping His Cherry

On the 10th year anniversary of slave wade's service to the Femdom Empire it was decided that he must finally give up his anal virginity. The one humiliating thing he vowed never to do was anal sex, but he had no choice in the matter, the Mistresses have decided he must cement his devotion by popping his anal virginity! Mistress Chanel decided to do the honors in breaking him in as a new anal fuck toy.

Stars: Chanel Preston, Slave Wade

Blondest Bitches

Video: Blondest Bitches
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Studio: Femdom Empire

Goddess Brittany Andrews and Gigi Allens have been saving up a year's worth of cum from the many slaves that have served them. The batch is finally ready to be served to a lowly male and they have just the boot bitch to make lick it all up!

The world would be a far better place if women ruled and penises were eradicated from the planet. Gigi & Brittany are making it their personal mission to disable as many penises as they can in their lifetime. They have brought 2 more males in their clinic to turn into docile eunuchs. These evil nurses transform their male patients appendages into little pussies.

Goddess Brittany Andrews and Gigi Allens team up to mercilessly fuck and destroy their slaves slut-hole. They each take turns passing the bitch back and forth while keeping each hole filled at all times, one in the mouth and one deep in his ass. No hole is safe when you are just an owned fuck-slut for two sadistic Goddesses.

Here at The Milking Clinic Nurses Gigi and Brittany make sure all male patients get every drop of sperm removed from their balls. The more testosterone that is taken from a man, the more obedient they become to the Female gender. No cum goes to waste at The Clinic as both Nurses scoop up his huge load and force it down the throat of their kept cuckold bitch.

Stars: Brittany Andrews, Gigi Allens, Marcelo

Taboo Sex Fantasies Volume 22 – Training Diabolika

Video: Taboo Sex Fantasies Volume 22 - Training Diabolika
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Studio: Digital Alliance
Today, in Taboo Sex Fantasies, we are going to train young, pretty and submissive little slut Diabolika. She is going to learn cleaning boots, taking punishments and sucking dildos, all this while our mistress humiliates her and makes an exemplary slave out of her.

Stars: Diabolika