The Domina Files Volume 56 – Fetish Files 3

Video: The Domina Files Volume 56 - Fetish Files 3
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Studio: SPI Media

Join us on a fetish journey, where fantasy is reality. Mistress Hannah Price welcomes you to her world of real-life fetish and female domination. No agency models; just real, genuine, authentic fetishists who live this lifestyle 24/7, seen through the experienced lens of world-renowned fetish photographer Peter Felix-Kurtz.

Scene One: When fetish-cop Adreena bursts into the dungeon, Mistress Hannah is initially startled and complies with an impromptu frisking. However, Mistress Hannah takes control, bending the rookie cop to her will. The tempo increases as Mistress Hannah introduces the electric wand and, with Adreena unable to take anymore, she brings herself to a huge orgasm.

Scene Two: After 45 days in chastity, Mistress Hannah allows her chastity slave to cum. He must cum exactly on command at the end of Mistress Hannah’s countdown.

Scene Three: With her latex gimp securely tied, Mistress Hannah plays with her gummi girlfriend Lucy. After making Lucy suck a huge strap-on, Mistress Hannah unties her gimp so that the two of them can spit-roast Lucy.

Scene Four: Mistress Hannah and Mistress Amrita tie Amelia to the gyno chair. Once securely in rope bondage, Amelia is sensually teased and made to orgasm by the two Mistresses using the electric wand.

Scene Five: Mistress Hannah and Rubber Ivy use Holly Dolly as their rubber maid in the white dungeon.

Stars: Lucy, Amelia, Mistress Amrita, Adreena Winters, Mistress Hannah Price, Rubber Ivy, Holly Dolly

Regulam Dea

Video: Regulam Dea
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Studio: Amator
This slave is different from most in the fact that instead of being insignificant in every regard, he's actually not. Stout, tall, and being well-hung, you'd think that this mistress would treat him a bit kinder than others in her care, but no. That is not the case. In fact, she takes more pleasure in her CBT as she slaps his fat cock harder and harder, denying him the pleasure she's been building up to the entire time!

Stars: Lady Estelle

Rubber Cult

Video: Rubber Cult
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Studio: Amator
Enter the “Rubber Cult” of the blonde vixen “Fraulein Mina”. Watch her in her extreme rubber sessions with lots of anal treatment and strap-on treatment for her submissive rubber toy. With tons of outrageous bondage, nipple play, CBT, electro play, and milking in four extreme Fetish scenes with the blonde dominatrix Mina, you won’t want to miss this!

Stars: Fraulein Mina

Wicked Girls Love Rubber Sex

Video: Wicked Girls Love Rubber Sex
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Studio: Amator
The rubber goddess, Baroness Bijou, has learned that her dolls and slaves have disobeyed her sex ban. The horny rubber-sluts think they’re getting away with it, not knowing that Baroness Bijou has all of their misbehavior on video surveillance! Just as Kate gets delusional and thinks she can be the dominatrix, Bijou comes out and puts her right back in her place. Resorting back to her original methods of sadistic education, Baroness Bijou helps them to realize what it really means to be her property.

Stars: Kate, Mary, Trixie, Baroness Bijou, Nitram

Behind The Mask

Video: Behind The Mask
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Studio: DDF Productions
Latex Lucy is one of the wildest porn stars today, and this movie captures her at her most intense. Dressed in a variety of full head masks and colorful latex body suits, Latex Lucy explores sexuality in scenes from vanilla to super kinky! First, she teases you solo, then watch as Lucy is kept in a strange foot locker with holes for her legs and pussy. Observe Lucy and she gets freaky in a bathtub with a guy in a gas mask – fucking him and sucking his cock. See Lucy used by a strange psychiatrist to cure his patient through threesome sex with Lucy’s holes. Gasp as Lucy rides a double-dildo and penetrates Lucia Love with her hand, under the supervision of a dominant latex master! Don’t forget to watch Lucy submit herself as a slave to mistress Kyra Hot! This is a must-see movie for latex lovers!

Stars: Lucia Love, Latex Lucy, Kyra Hot, Bruno SX, Frank M., Mugur, Juan Lucho

Latex Lover

Video: Latex Lover
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Studio: At Home Horny Productions
We all know by now what SexscorpionXXX is like and what she loves to do! Which is why the redheaded, English MILF is granting this lucky guy’s kinkiest fantasy! She’s clad in a latex bodysuit, high hells and “fuck me” pumps for the lucky, but submissive stud. He almost blows his load when she lies across his lap for a fondling before baring her massive boobs! Next, she jerks and sucks his cock before strapping on a condom and taking him for the ride of his life! She demands a doggy-style drilling before he lets the spunk fly free for an afternoon romp he won’t soon forget.

Stars: Sexyscorpionxxx

Gummi Geil

Video: Gummi Geil
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Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment
In Lady McLaine’s rubber clinic all patients must undergo strict special therapies. Baronessa Carmen administers an aromatic inhalation to Patient no. 1 with her noble champagne while Lady Sahara deeply examines his rectal ailment. Now, the chronic respiratory distress of patient no. 2 is first treated naturally by facesitting. His hard and horny cock still doesn't soften even after an electric therapy so Lady McLaine takes matters into her own hands and milks him to the last drop.

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Lady Sahara, Lady MacLaine

Naughty Queer

Video: Naughty Queer
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Studio: Carmen Rivera Entertainment
Carmen Rivera, Lady Sahara, and Queer Lady Cara come together in Naughty Queer to turn out their subs; Natalie GothTV and Latex Boy. Watch as these skilled dominatrixes get their cross-dressing companions down to the dungeon to lick, suck, and fuck their huge strap-ons and worship their latex-clad asses!

Stars: Carmen Rivera, Lady Sahara, Lady MacLaine, Queer Lady Cara, Natalie GothTV, Latex Boy