Nasse Latextraume

Video: Nasse Latextraume
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Studio: Inflagranti Film Berlin
Shiny. Slippery. Tight and sexy... These latex wearing-vixens bare it all and use their skin-tight fetishes to seduce and ravage their playmates. Underneath these latex exists a hidden world of dark and perverted fantasies, deviant desires and primal urges. No wonder it makes female bodies look hundred times more attractive and graceful.

The Latex Lady S. – Fetish Blowjobs

Video: The Latex Lady S. - Fetish Blowjobs
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Studio: Amator
Come out, come out to play, little latex vixen and naughty rubber slut. Hard cocks await you. They need to be sucked! Get your ultimate kink on as this slippery and sleek latex-clad woman gets you off and dazzles you with her keen fashion sense. What naked eroticism hides under her seconds skins?

Stars: Latex Lady S.

Foot Worship – Post Apocalypse Lesbian Foot Fetish

Video: Foot Worship - Post Apocalypse Lesbian Foot Fetish
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Welcome for the first time ever all natural beauty Dani Daniels and welcome back British bombshell Tanya tate to Foot Worship! It's the apocalypse but these two lesbian hotties can't control their desires and slip away anywhere they can to enjoy some seductive, dirty lesbian foot fetish. Dani dresses in black leather ballet boots, is made to worship Tanya's knee high boots and sweaty stockings. After a long worship session of Tanya's perfect bare feet with lots of sniffing, spit and tickling Dani's made to get Tanya's pussy off with her feet. Tanya's foot-gasms are unreal with the most amazing shots of toe scrunches and spreads we've seen on Foot Worship! Dani is rewarded with toes in her beautiful pussy bringing her to cum all over Tanya's red toes! Thanks to The Vanishing for providing us with such rad music!

Stars: Dani Daniels, Tanya Tate

Kink University – Strap-on Sex: Putting It On & Getting It On

Video: Kink University - Strap-on Sex: Putting It On & Getting It On
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Learn the best techniques for strap-on sex. Lady January Frost demonstrates vaginal, oral, and anal sex--featuring Kay Kardia's first time anal experience ever!. Learn pro-Domme tips for choosing and using a strap-on harness and dildos, and even how to use rope to fashion a quick and effective strap-on harness.A note about gender terminology in this tutorial: When we use the terms male bodied and female bodied we are talking about body parts. In particular, when we are talking about harnesses and strap ons one consideration somebody might make is if the wearer has a penis or does not have a penis and that may impact their choice in products. There are products that will work with and without penises, but this is a consideration. We'll use the term male bodied and female bodied to talk about body parts but please know that we are using this language to talk about body parts and not identities here. For example when we talk about male bodied we are referencing a person that has a penis and when we talk about a female bodied we are referencing someone with a vulva. We recognize that not all people with penises identify as male or men, but in this class we will be using the term male bodied to reference someone with a penis.

Stars: Kay Kardia, Lady Frost

Phase X

Video: Phase X
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Studio: Amator
This is rubber slavery at its finest! Lady Cheyenne is a ferocious mistress and she has plans to turn the slave into a pretty rubber maid! He has no idea he’s about to make the transformation into a pathetic, rubber bitch! First, he is placed with his legs wide on the examination chair and then he gets a cock ring which is connected with an anal ball around his junk!

Stars: Lady Cheyenne


Video: PVC
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Studio: Mr. Skin

Are you down with PVC? Yeah, you know me! Mr. Skin adores gals wearing outfits made of PVC, especially if they show some skin in the process. If you like watching women clad in shiny vinyl polymer, you'll really flip for the PVC-filled playlist. Skinjoy!

Paz de la Huerta shows off every inch of amazing body beneath a clear raincoat in The Limits of Control, Elizabeth Berkley's pert pair are on display in the classic flick Showgirls, Angelina Jolie teases some right nip as it peeks out of her sexy outfit in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Nicole Eggert peels and serves some sweet boobage in Secret Sins, Michelle Pfeiffer leaves little to the imagination by wearing a skin-tight suit in Batman Returns, Kristin Bauer pops her plastic bra in Glory Daze, Michelle Bauer returns again and unleashes her massive boobies in Dancing at the Blue Iguana, Joan Severance portrays a superhero wearing a super sexy outfit in Black Scorpion,Athena Massey flaunts her massive mams and a gun in Undercover,Eleonore Melzer bares all three B's in Drei Lederhosen in St. Tropez, Jennifer Burton gives a full frontal diddle while wearing nothing but some slutty boots in Mischievous, Jeannie Millar wows us with her thong-clad ass and sweet boobage in Black Scorpion II, Nancy Spungen teases some titties in The Filth and the Fury,Paola Rey and Sophia Santi get leztastic and completely nude in Night Trips, Erika Jordan and Melissa Johnston both bare boobs while chatting on the phone in Barely Legal, Camille Grammer shows T&A while changing into a PVC number in Marilyn Chambers' Bedtime Stories, Kate Sissons teams up with a body double to show some clamped nips in Pimp,Jenae Altschwager gives us a tease of crack in Stripper Academy, and Julia Stinshoff teases and spits on stage as a stripper in Good Girl, Bad Girl.

Girls In Gas Masks

Video: Girls In Gas Masks
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Studio: Bleu Productions
Fans of heavy rubber, gasmasks and fetish in the great outdoors will love this short film that follows female rubberists, Dirty Dollbaby and Lady Bellatrix as they enjoy a heady and hallucinatory rubber experience in a forest just outside of Paris. Girls in Gasmasks features latex hoods, catsuits, corsets and cape, girl on girl kissing and straight up mutual adoration for the shiny stuff, breathplay and of course total enclosure latex. Fans of the British S10 gas mask will be delighted to see Lady Bellatrix wearing her own favourite gasmask as Dirty controls her breathing whilst gently blocking and unblocking the attached tube.

Stars: Dirty Dollbaby, Lady Bellatrix

Denn Sie Sind Zum Spielen Da…

Video: Denn Sie Sind Zum Spielen Da...
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Studio: Amator
First, The Baroness has her fun with her slutty Rubber Maid. She uses all of the holes available to her and ties up the Latex Slut with a metal device and in a very strict way. Later in the fitness studio, the girls have a really hard workout. The Baroness coaches the sluts in a very sexy way and all holes get properly trained.

Stars: Mia, Baroness Bijou, Hally Thomas